Getting your house painted is always an investment. Be it for aesthetics or protection against bad weather, a quality coat of paint can work wonders. Painters in Corpus Christi claim an excellent paint job to have a lifespan of around eight years. Yet, several houses need a fresh coat of paint more frequently.


The life of a paint job depends on factors other than paint quality and weather. And one of the most important factors is the pre-painting condition of the house. 

Guess what, we have a great solution to extend the life of your house and the paint job. And it is to have your house power washed. 

Also known as pressure washing, this is a process of spraying the walls with water at an extreme velocity.

Features Of Power Washing

  • Saves time
  • You need not carry the ladder around and scrub. Instead, you can direct the nozzle to even the hard-to-access areas and clean it.

  • Provides fresher air
  • Power washing removes contaminants like mold and algae. This ensures you and your family breathe pure air.

  • Environment friendly
  • Unlike other heavy-duty cleanings, power washing doesn’t require chemicals. Also, since it sprays water at a high velocity, it reduces the water requirement by a fair margin.
    Power washing service is a great way of hosing your house down before getting it painted. And to know how this service adds to the paint job’s longevity, here are the top three reasons.

  • Cleans the surface
  • Power washing is an absolute way of cleaning the exterior surface of your house. You can try cleaning your house with a bucket of water or even a garden hose. The final result will be that it was a waste of time and effort. 

    Residential pressure washing can completely remove any peeling or flaking of old paint. However, in houses, there are several areas where stubborn debris gets caught. For this, there is no solution apart from power washing. It removes all the dirt deposits from the most remote places of your house. 

    Cobwebs, mildew, pollen, wasp nests are all common features on a house’s exterior. And to get rid of all these, a power washing service suffices.

    By removing all these, your house’s exteriors are cleaned to the T., And a clean exterior is ideal for painting. Over time, painting on a smooth surface lasts longer than on an uneven surface.

  • Prevents damage
  • With time, algae and mold grow on the house’s sidings. This is harmful to the house’s structural health. If left unattended, these issues may need more complex and expensive solutions. And again, a power wash is enough to prevent their buildup.

    Think of winter and how moisture settles on your house’s exterior surface. This affects the surface’s health in a few ways. Primarily, exposure to moisture for a prolonged time causes stains and might affect permanent damage.

    Alongside, mold growth is significant on surfaces with moisture. Since mold feeds on the paint, the surface is even more exposed to damage.

    The accumulation of grime, mold, or dirt needs quick action. And the best move is to get the house power washed.

    The conditions of windows, roofs, gutter systems are often overlooked before painting. These are prone to bird droppings and dirt buildup. They wear away the building, causing rot damage and initiate deterioration. 
    Be it debris or algae or any nest, each of them impedes painting. Also, According to residential painting service provider, painting on an uneven surface means wastage of money and effort. Therefore, getting your house power washed before painting is suggested.

  • Enhances the curb appeal
  • Getting your house’s exteriors’ painted is a tedious task. Also, it is expensive, and you don’t want your money to just last a couple of years.

    However, we all know how a fresh coat of paint enhances your house’s curb appeal. The monetary value increases by a fair margin in most real estate markets. Commercial painting contractors also mention how onlookers have a hard time keeping their eyes off a freshly painted house. 

    Meanwhile, all these benefits must outlast your investment. And for this, a power wash is a must. Painting on an uneven surface has multiple disadvantages. It does diminish not only the attractiveness but also reduces the life of a paint job.

    What does this mean?

    This means the owner must concede for more frequent paint jobs. And this furthers into more efforts and money spent. To avoid this, a quality power wash is the only solution. Thus, you save on the associated costs of painting and increase the home’s value. And if you are planning to sell the house, you can expect a higher return.


    Commercial pressure washing is a dedicated process and requires thorough professionals. However, on the flip side, residential power washing can be a DIY process. But, in your best interest, we suggest you not take the DIY route. Pressure washing can impair your house if not done properly. So, contacting a residential pressure washing  provider is your best bet. 

    Hiring the best painters in Corpus Christi is every house owner’s dream. And if it is yours too, contact CC Painting and Power Washing firm and realize your dream. With them, your house is in the safest hands. 

    Get quality power washing services by experienced personnel, and your house is tailor-made for a paint job. And a long-lasting paint job is a certainty.