So, have you decided on selling or leasing your house out? Listen up, you may be undervaluing your home by a fair margin. 

Well, it is not uncommon for people to undervalue, you would be better off with a simple tip. This tip shall also be of great use if you are still living in the home but want to increase its value.

And the tip to increase your home’s value for the coming few years is to get it painted.

Sounds too simple to be true? Well, nope. It is a tried and tested strategy of increasing your house’s value by getting it freshly painted.

Forget the preach, here is a statistic that proves the increase in value because of exterior painting for the home. This study by Homelight estimated a 51% spike in returns on investment, solely due to exterior painting.

Priorities when getting your home painted

From multiple rooms to various amenities, getting a house painted is not an easy task. However, to ease your process here is a small priority list to enhance your home’s value.Also, consult with painters in Corpus Christi for the preferred color combinations. They are more knowledgeable about the local tastes and preferences.

  • Exterior painting for home
  • Be it for your colleagues or a potential buyer, the exteriors of your house are what creates the first impression. So, nailing this with the proper painting of the exteriors is important.

    And by exteriors, it does not mean just the outer walls but also the fences, porch, etc.

    Understand that the exterior painting for home also acts as a protective layer. To withstand the diverse temperatures, the painting needs to be of quality. 

    So, invest in a residential painting service company and let your home’s exteriors shine.

  • Kitchen
  • One of the major facets of any home is its kitchen. A clean kitchen with sufficient lighting is now turning into an old demand. Nowadays, the kitchen’s look and its ambiance are what is considered.

    Hence, as a priority, get your kitchen painted with a neutral color. This positively impacts the value of your home. Likewise, the home’s sellability increases by a mile.

  • Bedroom
  • An easy one, right? No, several owners and sellers care very less about the bedroom and its color. Given its diverse use, finding an ideal color for your bedroom is tough. However, proper painting of your bedroom shall dictate the value of the entire house.

    The bedroom also allows for a lot of pop colors and combinations to be tried. With no particular template, experimentation is the way forward. After the kitchen, ensure you get your bedroom painted with a lot of care and thought.

    Considerations when getting your home painted

    After understanding the priorities, it is easy to get your home painted. But before that, there are a few key considerations to getting your home painted. 

    All these can be easily averted by consulting a residential painting company. But, knowing these in detail shall help you while negotiating and deciding the best for your home. The considerations are:

  • The surroundings
  • A bright pop color in an old-school area is a nightmare. Whilst it makes your home stand out, it may not always be for your good.

    So, understanding the surroundings of the home is crucial. Good knowledge of the neighborhood shall narrow down options for you. With a plethora of options and variables open for you, this might be a lifesaver. 

    Also, consider if the colors can stand the test of time. What this means is to steer clear of colors that are trending for a small time. Though these trendy colors may entice you and be of great attractive value, it is not an investment. 

    Off white, light blue, taupe, grey are few colors that are evergreen and pass the test of time. Neutral colors with properly painted trim are great for seeking attention.

  • Contrasts and textures
  • Your home is a place for experimentation and professional painters in Corpus Christi are ready to explore by using contrasts and textures while getting your home painted to make it look unique but at the same time elegant.

    From minimalist and vibrant, the range of possible textures and contrasts is vast. While the neighborhood gives you a clue, you need not follow it. 

    A unique contrast and texture suiting your home is always a great value addition.

  • Type of paint finishes
  • When everything is decided, here is a literal finisher tip. From satin to glossy, from matte to flat, there are several paint finishes. Every paint finish has its pros and cons. 

    For example, the eggshell finish is the most common for exterior painting for a home. On the flip side, satin or gloss finishes look amazing on the interiors.

    So, pick the best paint finish for each space to enhance your home’s value.

    Parting Words:

    A new segment of residential painting service is growing in the city. These are professionals who excel at marketing your house with colors and shades. Unlike regular painters, they understand how curb appeal for houses works. 

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