There is nothing as effective and affordable as house exterior painting if you want to revamp and beautify your home. A fresh coat of paint can radically improve the appearance of your home. While painting a house is a significant undertaking, it can be finished in a week or two. Even the painters in Corpus Christi suggest painting the exterior of your home to give it a fresh and brand-new look. 

And guess what? You can do it yourself!

If you hire a painter or a professional to do the job, it may cost you around $1000 to $6000 or even more, depending on the type of paint and products you use or how much work your house demands. On the other hand, if you are sure you can manage the task, DIY can save labor. This usually accounts for half of the cost. 

Guide to Paint Your House’s Exterior

There are a handful of DIY Ideas and tips on how to paint the exterior of your house. These hacks will save you a lot of money on labor or professional service. 

Here are some fantastic ideas on how to paint your house like a pro.


Before painting any outdoor surface, a thorough power washing service is a must. It gets rid of mildew by removing dirt and broken-down paint residues that prevent fresh coats from sticking. Pressure washers are used by almost all the power washing service providers to clean, but in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced, they can gouge wood, break glass, and force water behind siding and trim. So, it is better to use a hose, a pump sprayer, and a scrub brush. Though it will make the entire process slow, it is nevertheless safe and effective. But, if you are having trouble doing it yourself, then it is better to connect with the residential pressure washing service in Corpus Christi to give you a hand. 

Beware of Lead While Scraping 

Remove any paint that has peeled, bubbled, or blistered. If lead is present, which is a considerable risk in homes built before 1978, proceed cautiously. If you need some advice on processing scraping with lead, take help from the residential painters’ Corpus Christi. They will help you with anything related to painting and washing your house in an instant.

It is always wise to apply another coat of paint!

If you are painting over raw wood or metal, start with a high-quality adhesive primer to help keep the paint from running. To avoid the need for two finish coats of paint, some painters in Corpus Christi tint the primer to match the final paint color. However, others prefer contrasting colors by tinting the primer to highlight any missed spots of paints.

Go for the correct type of tools!

To achieve a successful paint job, use a good brush, roller, and, in some cases, an airless sprayer. All of which can be leased at most home improvement stores or tool rental outlets. The right type of tools will allow you to nearly perfect the art of painting and help you quickly get a hand on painting techniques. Spraying primer and paint on rough surfaces with an airless sprayer and then back-rolling it with a roller to guarantee adhesion is the most effortless process. If you have never used an airless sprayer before, read the instructions carefully and get some practice by painting the less visible side of the house first. To avoid clogging the sprayer, start with a 5-gallon paint bucket and a paint strainer.

Wait for the right weather!

Remember, do not paint during extreme weather conditions. Temperatures between 50 and 90-degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for painting. Direct sunlight, as well as hot temperatures, causes the paint to dry too quickly. Temperatures below 50 degrees may cause the paint to not adhere correctly to the surface. Surfaces can bubble due to moisture or dew. 

Know what you are doing!

It is quite imperative to know what you are doing! You must only paint the exterior of your house if you have the right know-how, the proper tools, and the stamina. Remember, painting can all get a little too daunting and tiring. Not to mention that the task is time-consuming, depending on the size and height of your home and the quality or condition of the current exterior.

Go the professional way.

For optimal control, do-it-yourselfers should use a brush. But, if you have even the slightest doubt about painting your house by yourself, we suggest you contact professional house painters Corpus Christi to save you from all the hassles. 

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