Curb appeal is a significant part of home renovation. How your property appears from the outside matters a lot. If you are planning to sell your property, the home exterior is a significant factor that buyers look into before confirming the sale. A welcoming exterior is necessary to attract buyers and guests to your property. 

Timely renovation is necessary to improve your home’s curb appeal. Hiring painters in Corpus Christi who provide power washing service can help you modify your home’s exterior back to its beauty and splendor.  

It’s time to elevate the home curb appeal with Painting & Power Washing! 

Narrowing your focus will help you bring finishing and save costs. Here are some simple curb appeal tips you must follow to charm your home exterior:

  • 1. Power Wash Your Exterior

  • Power washing is a stellar solution to improve your home exterior. It is imperative to power wash your home exterior before going for a fresh coat. Power wash helps the new coat bond with the wall uniformly, without leaving any traces or protruding wall fragments. Here are some super cool benefits of choosing a power washing service for your home renovation

    • Get Rid of Dirt & Mold

    Climatic conditions affect your wall painting severely. Over time, continuous exposure to rain, fog, and sunlight develop moth, mold, and dirt, fading the color and glory of the exterior. Welcoming buyers and guests through a moth-eaten, faded entrance will make them uninterested in the property. A residential pressure washing will help you remove all the dirt and mold accumulated on walls and exterior areas.

    • Saves Cost & Extra Maintenance Charge

    Investing in preventive maintenance programs helps to manage the cost of painting and renovation. Frequent power washing helps to keep your home new for a long time, thus preventing the cost of extra maintenance and repairs. 

    • Ensure Infrastructural Quality & Residents’ Safety

    Living inside a mouth-filled and dust accumulated house is not just unpleasant. But it also generates health issues & infrastructural malfunction. No clients will buy a house that puts their family’s lives at risk. Power Washing ensures deep cleaning of your home, thus, preventing any scope for dust accumulation and seasonal allergies.

  • 2. Get a Fresh Coat for Your Shutters

  • Shutter designs are popular architecture trends that are still in vogue. Vinyl and wooden shutter designs are commonly used for windows and doors. Overexposure to sunlight and rain slowly fade vinyl and wooden shutters. So, you should take special care to prepare the shutters for a fresh cot:

    • Wipe off the old paint using a scrapper
    • Use sandpaper to even the surface and remove drywall fragments
    • Spray exterior primer on the surface and let it dry    
    • Finally, paint it smoothly to give a fresh look

    Mostly, oil-based primers and paints are best for wood shutters, and latex paints are best for vinyl shutters. To get better finishing, it is wise to seek the assistance of residential painting service providers. Proper knowledge about paints and accessories is necessary while painting shutter-like surfaces.   

  • 3. Repaint Your Front Door

  • A slight change on the front door gives a new look to your home. If you are planning to give it a new look, it is better to take off the door from the hinges. It helps you avoid paint and primer from spreading to walls and other surfaces. 

    Cleaning and rubbing the surface is important to remove sticky dirt particles from the front door surface. While painting a paneled front door, make sure that you paint it in sections. Understanding the door material and design requirements are vital to ensure finishing. Hiring an expert residential painter Corpus Christi can help you choose the best paint fit for exterior doors.      

  • 4. Update Your Porch Area

  • The porch area is continuously under climatic risks. Mostly, it is the neglected part of your house that broods moss and algae. Your home won’t get a new and glorious look without painting the porch area. 

    Unlike other exterior areas, the porch areas will be mostly covered with dry leaves and harsh-sticky dirt. So concrete chemicals and a scrub brush should be used to clean the porch surface. Also, give a power wash to get through a deep cleaning section. While choosing the paint for the exterior porch, you should buy concrete primer paint that could withstand critical climatic change.   

    When it comes to the porch area, you may need to climb on a ladder to paint the top surfaces. It might be risky if you are not used to it. So find a house painter Corpus Christi expert who can help you with major exterior painting tasks.          

  • 5. Upkeep Your Fence

  • Classic fencing and maintenance can do a lot to improve curb appeal. But fencing maintenance is always a neglected part of home remodeling. Have you ever thought about how your driveway looks with a faded fence? The fence is the first thing your guest or buyers notice when they enter your home. Neglected fence disinterests your buyers from knowing more about the property. To improve the market price, you should add value to your house by giving critical focus to fence maintenance.

    The frequency of fence maintenance should be decided according to the climatic condition of the region. If the fence is at risk of moisture. Proper painting or staining helps to eliminate moisture attacks on the fence. 

    Staining is comparatively expensive and a better choice than paint if you live in a rainy region. Because continuous exposure to moisture fades your paint, making you go for frequent maintenance charges. You can seek an expert house painter’s assistance to enhance curb appeal. 

    Choose the Best Painters in Corpus Christi to Plan Your Curb Appeal

    Enhancing curb appeal brings positivity all around your house. When we think about housekeeping, we always think about interior decor and remodeling. The Interior and exterior should be given equal importance if you are planning a home remodeling. CC Painting & Power Washing is a trusted residential painting service provider with insights and aesthetic vision to transform your house to its past glory. Reach out to us to know more about our services right now.